Loss and its Many Guises

Published Friday, 20th November 2020
You may associate loss soley with bereavement. Although this may have changed with the recent pandemic, as discussions around loss and its many forms have opened up. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “The fact or process of losing something or someone.”
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Sharing Your Thoughts and Feelings Can Feel Very Daunting

Published Monday, 12th October 2020
“Reach out” they say. “Contact a Counsellor, a Helpline, your GP”. “It’s good to talk” but what if that is far easier said than done for you. What if you are not used to talking about your inner most thoughts and feelings?
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Love Yourself- When did that become a negative?

Published Saturday, 23rd May 2020
This week I am focusing on kindness to self. That is not to say that kindness to others should be abandoned but we often abandon ourselves in a rush to help and be kind to others. Why is that? Why is it easier to be kind to others than ourselves?
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